Loose Leaf, Tonal Nuance Series, Installation Veiw, Potocki Paterson Gallery, 2017

Loose Leaf presents new work from five Wellington based emerging artists Polly Gilroy, Harris Clook, and Robert Laking alongside designers Ruby Ash and Alfred Hoi.
The exhibition signifies the accumulation of different ideas which altogether form an underlying context, focusing on the moments when materials become the essentialised basis of the artistic process, allowing the substances that art is made of to communicate their own agency. The intent is to foster a relationship with the viewer and the work of art through a manifestation of the material experiences.

Tonal Nuance was a series of 4 works all displayed in Loose Leaf. The 4 works all made at different stages of the year, came together through the similarities in tonal ranges, materiality and structure. Ultimately there a 3 evidently seperate explorations, presented alongside each other to recognise the spatial environment, and generate a sense of shadow, light and colour.

polly 6.JPG
Polly 7.jpg
Loose Leaf Exhibition Poster Landscape.png
Polly Gilroy